This weekend I had the distinct pleasure to be a part of and revel in the wisdom of Latin@ Authors. Wendy Angulo & Maria Aponte in collaboration with the Bronx Museum of the Arts hosted LETRAS this past weekend. This was a literary celebration honoring Latino/a – Self Published Authors. The event featured Latina@ authors from various genres, and allowed participants to engage with them up close and personal! Each table at the fair was filled with books, chapbooks, t-shirts, customized journals, and more. I wish I would’ve had an unlimited budget to purchase one of each, nonetheless, support can be achieved in many ways. Below is a list of authors, their book(s) and links to how to keep in contact with them and their work. In addition to the fair there was also a panel presentation in which distinguished authors discussed how they used self publishing to tell their stories, the pros and cons of self publishing, and how to market your brand. The event was topped off with an Author Open Mic hosted by Bobby Gonzalez. The Authors were able to read a piece of their fiction story, poetry, children book, or graphic novel.

Self-Published Authors: 


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