“An Ode to Dominican Breakfast”

Original Poem by Yesenia Montilla

Day 1 of DominicanWriters.com NaPoWriMo Challenge

Ode to Los Cuatro Golpes

“Ay mas dias que loganiza…” Mami says

She carefully lays the chopped up pieces of sausage into the sizzling  pan.

I keep mashing the plantains with the metal triple 555 cup that lost its handle años ago

Jumping everytime I hear the praaa, pra, pra from the aciete

Saturday rituals

Papi already outside at the bodega checking his lottery numbers, scratch offs, wondering if our birthdays would finally be the winning quiniela pale in Santo Domingo today.

My sister at work, my brother sleeping

Majando Mangú

Friendo compaña

Morir soñando en la nevera

Mami and me making our memories to the steps of a Dominican breakfast.

“Coño se olvido el aguacate” she says, interrupting my bliss.

Mangú is a Dominican traditional side dish served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Pictured above are boiled mashed green plantains, fried cheese, salami, longaniza, eggs, topped with onions.

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